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ByteIQ Innovation Framework


   Intellectual Property

Our portfolio includes multiple Patents (pending), Trademarks and Copyrights of Data Science Products and Frameworks that have received accolades from industry leaders.


    Global Products

Off-the-shelf products that can be picked from our portfolio as per requirement and implemented in any organization. We  offer a quick demo followed by a deep dive session with the core team to find the right fit.

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     Thought Leadership

The core team aspires to establish authority in the field of Data science and innovation by authoring books, white papers, journals and blogs that cover the trends and also influence the industry chatter.

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Innovation Platform

From conducting workshops for generating new ideas to designing models for evaluating their applicability in the real world to incubating the best ones, the team believes in instilling a culture that thrives on innovation.


 NextGen Talent

As the data volumes increase exponentially and technology takes a quantum leap, existing skill sets are being rendered obsolete by the hour. ByteIQ has diverse training programs focused on latest and emerging technologies to take care of the learning aspirations of the community.

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Culture Building

Story-telling ability at every level is the ultimate outcome of any Data Science program. Our awareness programs are aimed at bringing professionals across all experience levels and industries into the 'data-smart' fold.

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